“Why Do I Walk Alone” by Josie Mayo

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year, Complete Archive (2012-2020)

I walk beside them

And yet I feel alone.

It is not a physical matter that

Makes me regret

All the decisions I’ve made.

All the times I’ve been turned

To and yet I have

Never responded to their pleas.

Only what I feel inside,

This pulling, tugging,

Unbearable empty feeling

That breaks me apart.

Why do I stand

Alone, you ask?

It is because my whole

Life I have longed to be beside


And every time

When I thought I wasn’t alone,

I was.

Sure, it hurts a little to

Walk by myself, day after day.

Honestly, it hurts a lot

Because even when I

Open my eyes to

Try and be beside them,

Whoever they are,

They push me away.

I walk next to many

People now,

But here is the thing.

I will never, ever, actually walk

Beside somebody again.

Not in my heart.

Because nobody understands this pulling, tugging

Unbearable empty feeling that

I have grown

To love.

Nobody understands

That this is why

I walk alone.



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