“To Be a Successful Freshman” By: Anna Colabewala

In order to be a successful freshman in high school, the top five skills one must have are knowing which studying methods work for you, recognizing strengths/weaknesses, dealing with stress, making decisions, and asking clarifying questions. These are the important skills essential for success.
There are five required academic classes: Math, Science, English, and World Studies. The way to study for each class differs. To study for math, teachers recommend creating practice problems and solving them. However, the method to study for World studies could include flash cards. Some material is better studied with flash cards such as vocabulary. Practice problems work for math, because it is not so much the exact content you are trying to remember but the technique of how to solve it. Additionally, recognizing ones strengths and weaknesses in classes affects how long one studies for each class.
There is a great deal of stress on students to be successful and get into college. When there is an exam, students will think so much about it, they will freak themselves out prior to taking it. Students who are not stressed tend to receive higher scores on their exams then vice versa (psychology.com). Not having a way to release stress can cause all the stress hormones to build. Stress changes the chemical make- up of the human brain, decreasing ability to learn and increasing chances of becoming bipolar or having other disorders. Stress can lead to depression as well which does not aid in success. Participating in a sport or enjoyable activity helps takes one’s mind off of the pending school work and exams.
Correct decision making is necessary as well. Whether it is a small decision such as eating a candy bar or fruit to a more important decision such as playing on your phone or studying for a test, “Don’t let your attention be diluted with outside interests until your school work is completed,” scholarship experts advise. Self- discipline goes hand in hand with decision making. You would not wake up on time or go to sleep on time without it. One would maybe miss classes because of tardiness and “skipping class is the best way to fail.” In class, everything you learn is important and you should prioritize based on the amount of repetition. The high school census shows that 94% of high school students have admitted to using their cell phone during class, indicating that “there is almost no moment during any class when some pupil isn’t using their cell phone.” One can either use their phone or listen–not both.
The most important skill one can have for success in high school is knowing how to ask clarifying questions. It is “far more important to know how to ask the right questions than to know the right answers,” (schloarshipexperts.com).
To conclude, many skills are required for success but they all boil down to one: try your best. As long as you have done your best, it should not matter what grade you received.

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