“Life in the Flames” by Annie Tang

Written by plumtree

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Day 11  Sunday, June 1, 3000

It’s the first day of summer in 3000. I’m already in the Sahara Desert doing dragon studies with my parents. Well if you are wondering, YES, dragons are real. My whole family has a long line of the best dragon caretakers and researchers. That’s a lot to live up to considering that I am the youngest of five. Now back to the dragon studies which is absolutely roasting me, LITERALLY. My parents are working me like crazy because they have just found out that I have been accepted into the best dragon care school, The School of Dragons. I know that it sounds like some cheesy, horrible, and non-imaginative school, but if you like dragons, who cares! As soon as they found out, we took our personal Fire Gold dragon to our research house in the Sahara Desert. Right now I am working on Dragon Behavior, one of the main courses I will need to take. Of course that means tracking and taking a stack of notes a day and possibly having the chance of accidentally angering a dragon mother. That usually doesn’t turn out too well. Last time, which was ten days ago, I accidentally got a bit too close to a dragon mother and her hatchlings and she nearly roasted and shredded me. At the moment, I am writing this in bed, reading some random Dragon Care books written by my ancestors. Oh, I’ve got to go. My parents are yelling at me to get my work done. See you tomorrow!

Day 12  Monday, June 2, 3000

Hi everyone. I’m in no better shape, but my parents are still making me do lots of readings and paperwork. That means I’m stuck in a bed, and not feeling the wonderful wind in my hair. Truthfully, I’m not that big of a fan of Dragon Care. I know it will be important in the future, but what I want to do is Dragon Racing. My parents will FREAK when they find out. You don’t even know how mad they will be. Besides, to know that you can trust your dragon to not dump you in the middle of nowhere is very calming. What my parents think is that I’m a pretty little girl who is a Dragon Fangirl. WRONG! I’m a tough boulder that has common sense and knows what she wants. Unlucky me, my parents think that common sense is uncommon. Oh well, I’ve gotten quite tired writing this along with my work. I should be able to get to work outside tomorrow. Got to get a good night’s sleep before an early rise and shine.



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